Gloucester County sits on the north shore of the York River where the water meets with the Chesapeake Bay. The county’s history is rich and fascinating, having witnessed many of our nation’s major early events.

The European experience in Gloucester County began soon after the settlement of Jamestown in 1607. Named for Henry, Duke of Gloucester, third son of Charles I, Gloucester County figured prominently in the history of the colony and the Commonwealth of Virginia. When English settlers arrived at Jamestown in 1607, the Indian stronghold of Chief Powhatan was located on the north side of the river in Gloucester. It was here that Powhatan built his home, Werowocomoco.

These different peoples would have been very familiar with the protective harbor where Crown Pointe Marina now sits. The marina is located on the Perrin River, a hurricane hole immediately off the York River on the southeastern tip of Gloucester County. For over thirty years, the marina has quietly welcomed those accessing the area by water—the same waterways that some of the first Europeans found and which were home to Native Americans long before written recorded history in the area.

Sitting only five minutes from the New Point Comfort Lighthouse, which was built in 1805 to mark the deadly shores off the New Point Comfort Peninsula, the marina was originally known as Buoy 22, when it was constructed by an engineer employed at the Shipyard in Newport News. A marina operator from New York purchased the property in the 1970’s and renamed the facility Cooks Landing Marina. In 2004 the current owners purchased the marina, calling it Crown Pointe Marina and investing in its modernization and repair.

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