1. ENVIRONMENTAL – Perrindise Marina & Club has been designated a Virginia Clean Marina. Oil, oily water or raw / untreated sewage shall not be discharged into the water or on land. All vessels shall be subject to inspection at any time by the marina staff and other regulatory agencies to ensure that all sewage systems are Coast Guard approved and that all through-hull valves are properly sealed to prevent illegal dumping while in slip, marina harbor or anywhere on the marina’s property. All sewage systems on vessels must be U.S. Coast Guard approved and must be locked off while the vessel is in a slip, marina harbor or marina property. No porta-potties are permitted on the docks or bathrooms and must be emptied at the fuel/pump-out dock. (No transferring over land to the dock) All spills of gas, diesel, oil, or other hazardous materials must be reported immediately to the marina and all appropriate governmental authorities. Vessels may only be washed with biodegradable soaps – the amount of soap should be kept to a minimum. Removed paint chips, sanding debris, hazardous chemicals, including oil, engine coolant, hydraulic fluid, gasoline, diesel, paint and mineral spirits are prohibited from entering the waterway or surrounding grounds and may not be left where they are prone to leaking, spilling or exposed to rainwater. Proper disposal of all such sewage, oil products, paints and chemicals is the sole responsibility of the vessel owner. The marina office may be contacted for approved disposal sites. Only non-toxic and legal hull paint shall be applied to the bottom of a vessel.

2. Trash. – Garbage is not to be left on or around the docks or space in the dry storage area. It must be placed in a sealed trash bag and placed in the dumpsters provided. No oil products, paints, solvents, batteries or any other hazardous items are allowed in the trash. An oil recycling center for disposal of used oil and oil filters is provided outside the service center.

3. Noise.- Noise should be kept to a minimum at all times. Discretion in operating engines, generators, radios, televisions, as well as other sound producing devices and power equipment. Sound producing devices and power equipment should be used as not to create a nuisance or disturbance. No loud music or disturbances shall be allowed after 10 pm, except for entering and leaving the space.

4. Swimming & Fishing.- For your safety, swimming, diving and fishing are not permitted from the docks or finger pier. Crab pots, bait holding pens and traps must be limited to the vessel owner’s licensed space only.

5. Storage on docks & spaces. – Walkways shall be kept clear at all times. Only approved dock boxes and boat stairs are allowed on the docks. Only dock boxes properly identified and approved by marina manager may be installed in designated areas. Storage of all items must be confined in the dock box or the vessel and is not permitted on docks, finger piers, parking area, space ect. Any unattended hazardous or flammable materials or unapproved item found on a space, walkway or finger pier will be removed and disposed of at owner’s expense.

6. Parking & Motor vehicles. – Designated parking is expressly for the use of Perrindise Marina & Club’s customers, slip holders and their guests. Violators will be towed at the owners sole risk and expense. Long term storage of vehicles in the parking lot is not permitted. Vehicles shall not be left in the same spot for more than three (3) days with without approval. Perrindise Marina & Club does not warrant the availability or security of parking. The marina disclaims responsibility for vehicles parked in the parking lot and surrounding areas, including damages to, theft of or theft from vehicles. No overnight accommodations will be allowed in a trailer, recreational vehicle or other camping equipment on the marina property. Vessels are not to be parked in any parking area without written approval from the marina manager. Washing & maintenance of a vehicle or vessel is prohibited. Parking violations will receive one written warning, thereafter, a parking citation may be issued for each daily violation. Parking citations will be assessed at $100/day & will be included in monthly billing. The parking areas are often congested with pedestrians – please drive slowly through these areas to avoid accidents and injuries.

7. Cooking & campfires. – NO open fires, except in designated areas. No grills or cooking stoves are permitted on the docks in the marina or space on marina property. Only approved grills may be used onboard vessels while at the marina.

8. Fireworks. – Absolutely no fireworks of any kind may be used or stored on marina property.

9. Pets. – Pets are permitted only if they do not create a disturbance. All pets must be kept on a leash. All cats are to be kept on the vessel at all times. Pet owners are responsible to clean up debris left by their pets. Please walk your pet in the designated areas. Perrindise Marina & Club reserves the right to bar any pet from the marina.

10. Vessel care & maintenance. – Owners may make minor alterations and repairs to their vessel but is prohibited from contracting a third party unless authorized by marina management. A contractor’s fee and insurance certificate will apply for all outside third party repairs on premises. NO EXCEPTIONS. The performance of outside contractors must not interfere with the rights, privileges or safety of any person or property of boat yard. In no event may an owner perform or allow any repairs or maintenance which results in the release or discharge of any material onto the dock, water or land. Work items and debris shall not be left on or around work space. All vessels in dry storage will store all items in the vessel. Any items stored under the vessel will be disposed of and the marina will not be liable for loss of property. To ensure compliance with this rule, contact the marina office with any questions and do not engage in any major repair without written permission from the marina manager.

11. Swimming pools. – Swimming pools are for slip holders and immediate family members. All guest must be accompanied at all times by the boat owner with a limit of 2 guests per license holder. Pool hours are 9 am – 9 pm. Seven (7) days a week. Weather permitting, pools will be open approximately April 15th and close October 1st. Pool rules are posted in pool area & are considered as an addendum to this document. No lifeguard will be supplied by marina. Swimming is at your own risk. All children under the age of 14 must be accompanied by an adult at all times. Guest must be registered before entering pool area.

12. Laundry. – Laundry shall not be hung on vessel.

13. Electrical. – All electrical cords must be a marine type U.L. approved cord. ( NO EXTENSION CORDS ALLOWED ON THE DOCKS) Cords are not allowed to cross the top of walkways or finger piers. Alterations or modifications to any electrical outlet shore power or other is prohibited. Plugs must match the receptacle used. Absolutely No portable heaters of any kind are to be used on your vessel. For multiple infractions, please refer to item #21

14. Fuel. – Personal fueling of vessel (carrying fuel in gas cans etc.) is not allowed within the marina. Storage of gasoline, fuel, or other combustibles on the vessel or other spaces is strictly FORBIDDEN.

15. Children. – Children under twelve (12) years of age are not permitted on the docks without a parent or responsible adult in attendance. NON-SWIMMERS & YOUNG CHILDREN ARE REQUESTED TO WEAR LIFE JACLETS WHEN ON DOCKS OR WATERCRAFT PLATFORMS.

16. Commercial activity. – No commercial activity shall be conducted at the marina without the written approval of the marina manager. Commercial activities include, but are not limited to, rental or leasing boats, chartering of boats, and use of the marina address, number of telephone or facsimile on a boat in any advertising, brochure, letterhead, business card, or other commercial document. No advertising or soliciting is permitted on the marina property. The display of “for sale” signs on a vessel is not permitted without approval from the marina manager.

17. Dock carts. – Dock carts are provided for your convenience. Please leave the cart in a clean condition and return them to the gangway after use.

18. Entering onto or trespassing upon. – Entering onto or trespassing upon any vessel or space reserved or occupied by any other person without the expressed permission of the vessel owner or marina management is strictly prohibited. Such intrusion or trespassing shall be grounds for IMMEDIATE EVICTION from the property of Perrindise Marina & Club at the sole discretion of marina management.

19. No soliciting or scavenging. – No soliciting or scavenging is allowed in any area of the marina without permission in writing from the marina manager. This includes the scavenging and/or collection of cans, bottles, and other recyclable materials from any containers or areas within the marina property. Such actions shall be grounds for IMMEDIATE EVICTION from the marina at the sole discretion of the marina manager.

20. Dock lines. – Dock lines are to be either tied to a cleat or piling ONLY. Appropriate dock lines are to be used without frays and are to be the correct diameter for the vessel. Lines need to be adjusted for all tide levels that might occur on the regular tide schedule per year. The marina reserves the right to adjust lines and replace lines if there is any question to the safety of the vessel, dock, finger pier, and other boat owners possessions at the vessel owners expense and liability.

21. Monetary fines for rule violations. – Monetary fines for agreement or marina rule violation may be imposed by the marina manager. Written warnings or notices of agreement or marina rule violation will result in the following fines & charged to vessel owners account.

1st Violation – Warning. 2nd Violation – $250.00 fine. 3rd Violation – Termination of Agreement

22. Other. – These marina rules are subjected to change and may be amended as deemed necessary by the marina.

23. Attention. – Please notify the marina of any unsafe, unlawful or hazardous conditions that comes to your attention.

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